Prometheus Unbound

Prometheus began life as a regular e-letter, before moving to a Blog format, prior to the Global Financial Crisis. Authored by John Thornber in early 2008 it warned of the dire consequences of Lehman Brothers being allowed to fail, months before events unfolded, yet reassured that we were not all doomed when pessimism was at its highest. Throughout the subsequent recovery Prometheus constantly took the views of policy makers and the market to task, correctly predicting interest rates would be staying lower for longer, economic growth would remain weak, that the Eurozone would remain close to or in crisis and that global debt problems were getting worse, not better.

Independently minded, thoroughly researched, largely contrarian and often provocative, utilising the insights John has gained in over two decades as a Stockbroking Head of Desk, Investment Manager and Head of Research; the Blog was reborn as Prometheus Unbound when John joined Andrews Gwynne in early 2014.

Disclaimer: Readers should be aware that views and comments expressed in Prometheus Unbound, or any other opinion raised are not necessarily shared by any related company or individual. No comments should be taken to construe advice or recommendation. Information provided is based upon sources thought to be reliable but accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


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