Recent legislative changes to pensions means it is more important than ever that individuals receive unbiased advice from experts

The sweeping changes that have taken the pension industry by storm in 2015 open up many opportunities for investors to take responsibility for their long term future; yet alongside opportunity there lurks potential pitfalls. At Andrews Gwynne we believe we hold a rare position in being able to produce complete and uniquely tailored solutions for a wide variety of clients.

Over the years, our pension advice has ranged from basic stakeholder pensions to utilising the full range of flexible Self Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPPs) and Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSASs). Our staff have in-depth knowledge of the differing private plans available, as well as those in the public sector such as the Teachers or NHS schemes.

Recently we have seen particularly strong growth in the consolidation of multiple personal pension plans into a single SIPP utilising our Discretionary Investment Management Services to produce bespoke portfolios. We believe this trend will inevitably grow and we already manage consolidated SIPP portfolios for a number of individuals who work within the fund management industry; investors who are well positioned to appreciate our unique skillset.

While we welcome the recent changes in pension legislation, we are well aware that in being able to access pension pots there is the very real risk that spending too much too quickly, and not understanding how to make funds last, could result in cash not being available when most needed. This is where our in-house experience of predicting long term cash-flows, combined with our tailored investment portfolio solutions, is invaluable in the private client environment.

If you would like a no-obligation chat about your pension arrangements, simply give us a call on 0113 243 5344.