Experienced, flexible, realistic

Our investment process is founded upon decades of hard won experience investing across financial markets, from conventional equity and bond funds, hedge funds and the increasingly rare commodity of dealing directly in stock and bond markets both in the UK and internationally.

Although the multiple professional diplomas and many exams passed, our team consider its real world experience as even more valuable. The qualifications build a foundation, but living through changing market conditions, trading stocks through the Asian Crash, the madness of the Tech boom & bust, investing into the upturn and then preserving capital during the Global Financial Crisis, were the crucibles that forged our process. All this experience mean we see each new fad, new trend, often new fiction, via the lens of experience, which itself leads to more detailed analysis and questioning, investigating and, when necessary, doing the maths. Where others will talk of the fabulous new process they have adopted, almost always with no understanding of the flawed maths and the even more flawed assumptions that underpin this new elixir of money, we prefer understated substance.

Beyond all this complexity, beyond all the exams and past all the hype, our core principal will remain real capital preservation, evaluating risk and reward carefully and following Warren Buffet’s timeless advice of “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”.

Whether your objectives surround capital preservation, income, growth or a combination of them all, our bespoke approach balances your circumstances with the ideal outcome. We do not run ‘model portfolios’ like most in the industry, we prefer to understand fully our selected investments and combine them in a common sense fashion, mindful of markets and setting realistic expectations.

For some additional detail click on our AG Portfolio Process document.