All your ISAs in one pot, managed professionally

We are a HMRC-approved ISA manager, so we can set-up and manage ISAs for clients in-house.  These simple but tax-efficient vehicles are used for nearly all our clients where appropriate, as they form part of our overall financial planning offering, especially in supplementing pensions in retirement.

We offer only two types of ISA, the Andrews Gwynne ISA (known in the industry as an adult stocks & shares ISA), and the Andrews Gwynne Junior ISA (for children up to the age of 18).

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ISA transfers

Do you have cash ISAs or stocks & shares ISAs with a variety of different providers? If so, we can use our low-cost Andrews Gwynne ISA to consolidate these legacy ISAs into one pot, and no matter how large that pot now is, grow them with additional contributions (up to £20k p.a. 2022/23 tax year), allowing you to build a substantial tax-free portfolio for the future. We can of course set-up new ISAs where no transfers need to take place.

The benefits of consolidating are:

  • Less paperwork to keep track of
  • Less responsibility each year renewing terms/investment rates
  • A larger combined pot of money to invest
  • Opportunity to set a bespoke investment strategy
  • Possibility of greater returns than those currently on cash
  • Easier performance monitoring
  • Income generated from the underlying investments can be accumulated within the ISA, or paid out on a quarterly basis
  • Annual reviews to ensure new subscription allowances are used up each year
  • Access to our clientHub where you can see the value of your ISA (plus the flexibility to use this service more widely to help take control and view all of your finances in one place

What we do

We take some basic details of your existing ISAs, prepare a 1-page transfer form for each ISA provider for you to sign, and that’s it.  We will send this off to the existing ISA provider and manage the transfer process in-house.  Most ISAs, whether purely cash, or a combination of cash and existing holdings, are transferrable within a few weeks.

We will then manage the underlying portfolio of the ISA in-house, on a discretionary basis, along the agreed investment strategy, which is reviewed as frequently as necessary.

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